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About this website

This website is my little Thebaid on the Internet. I will save tips and tricks I found wandering on the Internet. Maybe these will help someone someday! :)


You can also find me at:

  • This gitlab instance
  • CodinGame
  • LeetCode

Or drop me a good ol' email at

contactblog at thelostwanderer dot eu

or by using the following Formspree form.

About the website engine:

Written in Go, Hugo is an open source static site generator available under the Apache Licence 2.0. Hugo supports TOML, YAML and JSON data file types, Markdown and HTML content files and uses shortcodes to add rich content. Other notable features are taxonomies, multilingual mode, image processing, custom output formats, HTML/CSS/JS minification and support for Sass SCSS workflows.

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The theme used on this website is color-your-world and is developed by Raphael Aguiar. Theme available here